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The Best Pump for Natural Gas Dehydration Systems

Natural gas dehydration systems play an essential role in the natural gas production industry. They remove water vapor from the gas. This process vastly improves the quality of the gas and also provides other benefits, including prevention of frozen hydrate formation and pipeline corrosion. Having the right pump at the heart of a natural gas dehydration system is critical. Viking Pump understood this need in the industry and developed GB-410 and GB-414 Series™ external gear pumps as ultimate natural gas dehydration solutions.

Viking Pump GB-410 and GB-414 Series External Gear Pumps

Viking Pump engineered GB-410 and GB-414 Series™ specifically for natural gas dehydration systems. They were designed to address key challenges, such as elevated TEG temperatures and low viscosity, that come with this highly specialized pump application. These external gear pumps are extremely durable and reliable. They are built to stand up to the demands of high-pressure oil and gas processing operations. They can be used for numerous applications within the industry, including:

         • Natural gas and CO2 dehydration (glycol)

         • LACT: pipeline injection

Additional Features

Viking Pump GB-410 and GB-414 Series™ external gear pumps offer high-temperature capability, handling up to 350°F. They are designed with an operating pressure rating to 1500 PSI (103 BAR). They handle viscosities as low as 1 cPs, in addition to flow rate capacities ranging from 2 gallons to 130 gallons per minute (GPM).

GB-410 and GB-414 Series™ pumps are easy to install in the field and offer a rebuildable design. This makes maintenance simpler, and repairs can be performed on-site to minimize downtime. The pumps use robust mechanical seal solutions and DLC-coated parts for superior wear resistance and rugged durability. 

How It Works

Natural gas dehydration systems rely on a triethylene glycol (TEG) solution to serve as a liquid desiccant for removal of moisture from the gas stream. The glycol is injected into a contact tower where it removes water from the gas at high pressures. The Viking GB Series performs this injection function with precise control and consistency. 

Common challenges within this application include thermal shock upon start-up, high pressure differentials, and low product viscosity. Viking Pump listened to their customers and specially engineered GB-410 and GB-414 Series™ external gear pumps to meet the unique demands of natural gas dehydration systems. The 350°F temperature rating and the ability to withstand a 225°F temperature delta on start-up means no thermal shock damage to your pump or lengthy start-up procedure. Viking’s robust, durable solution ensures you spend your time dehydrating gas, not performing constant maintenance on your pumps.

Your Viking Pump Partner

DXP Quadna is proud to be a longtime distributor of Viking Pump products and accessories.  Viking Pump is an industry-leading manufacturer, and the exceptional engineering of their GB-410 and GB-414 Series™ external gear pumps shows why they have such a strong reputation in the industry. Contact us today to learn more about the Viking Pump GB Series or to select the best pump for your specific application.

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