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Sustainable Solutions for Clean Pump Technology

Green energy and cleaner pump technology are important topics in today’s pump industry. An increasing number of companies and communities are looking for solutions that offer sustainability, reduced energy consumption, and net-zero emissions. From the renewable energy market to almost every municipal and industrial sector, there is a need for clean pump technology.

Renewable Energy and Greener Technology

DXP Quadna draws from decades of experience in all aspects of pump management. We are backed by the DXP Renewables team, with more than a century of expertise in rotating equipment and packaging solutions focused on renewable energy and green technology. If you are determined to reach your net-zero goals, we are here to assist. We know what it takes to make your pump system cleaner and greener while keeping it optimized for energy efficiency, specific production requirements, and extended equipment life cycles.

DXP Quadna is your partner to develop, implement, and maintain your process and rotating equipment. We offer an extensive network of service locations throughout the Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions. We use our technical expertise and knowledge of the latest clean pump technology. Here are some of the solutions we can implement for our clients:

Biomethane Capture System

From pretreatment to methane capture, DXP Quadna can design the best systems and select the ideal technology. We offer complete solutions for the recovery of methane from biodigester, landfill, or any biomass application.

Biodiesel Slurry Pumps

Biodiesel generation is a growing industry, but it can present some unique processing challenges. Oils and animal fats used in the biodiesel generation process create difficult slurries that require specialized equipment and system designs. DXP Quadna designs and fabricates packaged pump systems to handle these demanding applications.

Chemical Injection Systems

DXP offers standard and custom-built chemical injection systems engineered, packaged, and fully tested to handle a variety of chemical treatment applications. We serve municipal, agricultural, commercial, and industrial markets that use chemical dosing and metering systems.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and Compressors

Liquid ring vacuum pumps commonly are used in the distillation, rectification, mash liquification, and drying cycle processes in the biofuel industry. It is important to select the right pump and compressor equipment and package the best system to handle your specific processing requirements for biodiesel applications.

Biogas Digester Feed and Circulation Hose Pumps

Hose pumps provide a reliable solution to feed biomass into anaerobic digesters. DXP Quadna offers durable hose pumps and custom-packaged system solutions from leading manufacturers serving the renewable energy market.

Complete System Design and Optimization

The above list represents a small sampling of specific green and renewable energy pump technology solutions DXP Quadna can provide. We offer fully packaged systems, as well as custom design and optimization solutions to meet any of your rotating equipment needs. Whether you want to optimize your existing equipment or install a completely new system tailored to your specific requirements, our expert team has you covered. We can show you how to apply greener technology and cleaner-running equipment. This includes reducing energy consumption, achieving net-zero operation, and finding practical solutions to minimize your overall carbon footprint.

For more information about clean pump technology and to start your move toward a net-zero operation, contact the team at DXP Quadna today.

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