DXP/Quadna Region

Food & Pharma

Hygienic Solutions for Your Most Demanding Applications

Hygienic equipment standards and custom production solutions are critical in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical markets. The FDA has strict operating regulations. Consumable products must remain pure throughout the production process, which requires specialized rotating equipment and system design. Unique challenges are also presented when dealing with different liquids, oils, chemicals, solids, slurries, and powders found in different food and pharma applications.

How We Help

DXP Quadna provides custom and prefabricated system solutions to meet your hygienic processing needs. We have pumps, mixers, and other equipment from leading manufacturers, as well as professional maintenance, training, and repair services. Contact us today to find the right solutions for your food or pharma applications.

We are very proud to be serving our local area for over 35 years!