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DXP Quadna Featured Manufacturer: KSB Pumps

KSB Pumps

KSB is a leading manufacturer of pumps and pump parts. DXP Quadna is proud to be a longtime product partner with this excellent company. Many of our clients throughout Arizona and the surrounding Southwest markets use KSB pumps for several industries and applications, including:

         • Water and wastewater management

         • Chemical production

         • Construction

         • Power generation

         • Oil and gas

         • Mining and dredging

         • General industry

KSB Product Overview

KSB manufactures pumps, mechanical seals, valves, and other high-quality equipment for general use and specialty processing applications. KSB and their subsidiary companies are based in the United States, offering engineering, sales, service, and support for their products. KSB pumps are known nationwide for their exceptional reliability and durability. They stand up to challenging operating conditions and fluids of varying viscosities and abrasiveness. Their products are ideal for industrial, municipal, commercial, and agricultural operations in the Southwest—especially municipal water and wastewater applications. KSB pumps can handle the desert heat and remote environments.

KSB Pumps

KSB offers an impressive catalog of pumps suited for municipal water and wastewater facilities. Here is a brief overview of their pump categories:

Dry-Pit Installed Pump—KSB dry-installed centrifugal pumps are designed to be installed in a dry location. They are not submerged and provide superior performance for dry-installation pumping applications.

Vertical Shaft Submersible Pump—KSB’s line of vertical shaft submersible pumps offers a single-stage vertical design. These pumps are sealless, fitted with either a radial impeller or channel impeller, and are ideal for diverse applications.

Submersible Motor Pump—KSB submersible motor pumps offer asynchronous motor and hydraulic components, including the pump casing, impeller, and diffuser elements. The submersible motor can run at any installation depth, making it great for deflooding, transporting wastewater, and site drainage.

Tubular Casing Pump—A tube-shaped pump casing on these centrifugal pumps from KSB allows the fluid to flow through the impeller and diffuser. Most tubular casing pumps are vertical in design and suited for wet-well installation.

If you are in Arizona or the surrounding Southwest markets and are interested in learning more about KSB and their pump catalog, contact DXP Quadna today. Let our team find the right equipment for your specific requirements. We also offer packaged systems for water and wastewater treatment, as well as other applications in the region.

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