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Today’s pump management technology is more sophisticated than ever. While some operators still work in the Stone Age, DXP Quadna helps others use more advanced system control, process automation, and predictive maintenance solutions.

Benefits of Control and Automation Technology

With the right technology and training, you can keep your pump system optimized at all times. You can reduce labor and repair costs. You can increase production uptime and improve energy efficiency. You can streamline your maintenance plan and keep your equipment running better for longer. There are so many benefits to process monitoring and automation.

Understanding the advantages of this technology is the easy part. Selecting the best equipment and software is where it becomes challenging for some operators, along with learning how to install and implement these new techniques properly. That’s where DXP Quadna comes in. We bring decades of experience in pump system design and management, and we are backed by DXPE’s exceptional Process Controls & Automation division. Our team can help you find control, automation, VFD, and predictive maintenance solutions.

Enhanced Control

Let’s talk about process control and automation. So much can be automated through the latest technology. You can have precise control of your pump system with both on-site and remote cloud-based access to all controls. You can decide which aspects are fully automated and which still need manual oversight. You can customize your control and automation system exactly how you want it for your specific operation and application.

Variable-frequency drives (VFDs) can provide increased flexibility for changing conditions. Operators can quickly and easily adjust VFD settings, and today’s VFDs can be programmed to make automatic adjustments to meet process demands in real time. Combining these capabilities with modern VFD communication features allows you to have constant monitoring and control over your pump system while reducing the need for operator supervision and input. 

Predictive Maintenance

Advanced pump system monitoring equipment and software give you additional advantages when paired with process control and automation technology. Operating data can be collected and monitored in real time. You know exactly what’s happening with your pump equipment at all times. Pressure, flow rates, temperatures, and even component wear can be measured through sensors. That data allows you to dial in your system for full optimization and catch potential problems before they happen.

More and more pump operations are adopting a predictive maintenance approach using monitoring equipment and cutting-edge AI software. Data is not only collected live but can be analyzed continuously to look for irregularities. You can know exactly when specific maintenance or repair tasks need to be completed based on the data analysis. You can identify areas of concern and address issues early on, rather than waiting for something to fail and cause a costly shutdown.

DXP Quadna Control and Automation Services

In conjunction with DXPE Process Controls & Automation, Quadna provides a wide range of services to meet your needs:

         • Control system design and implementation

         • Custom programming for process control applications

         • Automated equipment control systems

         • Training and support for control and automation systems

We can help you get the most out of your pump system through enhanced control, automation, and predictive maintenance strategies. Contact DXP Quadna today to learn more about the latest technology from the world’s leading manufacturers, as well as custom solutions from DXPE.

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