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Case Study: Wyoming Petroleum Refineries

Quadna has been working with a leading independent petroleum refiner for nearly two decades. Like us, they are based in the Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions. They use a variety of pump systems for oil and gas applications throughout their numerous refineries. They are a longtime client, and their operators know they can count on DXP Quadna for all their pump management needs.

Slurry Pump Challenges

About six years ago, this company turned to us to help with a slurry pump problem they were having at one of their Wyoming petroleum refineries. The slurry pump they were using wasn’t providing enough longevity. The slurry they process is extremely abrasive. Their slurry pumps experienced extreme wear and tear and generally needed to be replaced every six months on average. Needless to say, this was not a cost-effective situation. They needed to find a more effective solution to protect against erosion and abrasion.

They reached out to PumpWorks Castings and connected with Mark Welch. After reviewing the client’s situation and initiating the solution, he brought in one of DXP Quadna’s leading sales engineers, Jeremy Pollock. He has been with Quadna for 16 years and has been serving this particular petroleum client for the past 10 years. Jeremy and Mark worked together with our technical team to develop a new pump.

Diagnosing the Pump Problems

After our expert technical team analyzed the failing pump systems and the slurry being processed, it was apparent the original metallurgy of the pump equipment was not suitable for this application. They tried different pump coatings over the years, including boron diffusion. However, none were effective enough. The timing of this new service request was fortunate for the client, as DXP had recently acquired Quadna. This offered Jeremy and his team more options for pump products and custom solutions.

Finding the Right Solution

The ultimate solution was working directly with the PumpWorks casting group to reverse engineer the slurry pump’s wetted parts. New components were custom cast for dimensional interchangeability. In addition, a high-grade coating was applied. The new parts could be dropped into the existing pump system without having to reengineer the configuration.

Now, six years later, the slurry pump was removed for inspection and repairs. It needed some repairs, as is common with a pump this age. However, it could be repaired and reinstalled for many more years of service. A pump that previously only lasted six months because of this demanding slurry application was now surpassing six years of use with plenty of life left!

So Nice We Did It Twice

The client was so encouraged by the results, they replaced and upgraded an entire pump system with a PumpWorks Power End upgrade and fluid end replacement at another one of their Wyoming refineries. The slurry at this other location was not quite as abrasive, but they still wanted the same performance and durability achieved at their first refinery. PumpWorks made a dimensional pump with the same custom casting and coating. They were able to drop it in and put it to work immediately.

“The most rewarding part of this job is solving problems,” Jeremy says. “Having the partnership with DXP has offered Quadna clients more avenues for solutions. If not for the access to the PumpWorks castings, we wouldn’t have been able to complete this product.”

Your Pump Solutions Partner

At DXP Quadna, we’re proud to have professionals like Jeremy on our team. Our focus is on finding the right pump solutions for our clients. It takes a combination of technical expertise and, in many cases, true creativity to achieve the best results.

If you are dealing with pump problems and want to learn more about our services, contact DXP Quadna today.

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