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Watson Marlow


Since 1956, Watson Marlow has been a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps. The founder, Bernard Refson, invented the first commercially viable peristaltic pump. Watson Marlow is based in England, and the company is made up of 10 leading manufacturing and service brands. Each brand under the Watson Marlow umbrella is a specialist in niche fluid transfer technology. Their brands include Watson Marlow pumps, MasoSine process pumps, and Bredel hose pumps, among others specializing in various pump equipment and components. Watson Marlow products are used in the following industries: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food and beverage, life sciences, general industry, automotive, water and wastewater, mining, and OEM process industries. 

Product Overview:

The Watson Marlow name is best associated with peristaltic pumps. They were the first to create a peristaltic pump for commercial production in 1956. Their innovation and engineering have evolved over the years, making them one of the leading peristaltic pump manufacturers in the world. They offer industry-leading solutions to fluid handling challenges. MasoSine is another Watson Marlow brand worth highlighting. They produce sinusoidal (sine) process pumps for viscous fluid applications. MasoSine pumps use 50% less energy than conventional pumps thanks to the revolutionary sinusoidal rotor. It produces powerful suction with low shear, gentle handling, and low pulsation. Last, we recommend Bredel industrial hose pumps at DXP Quadna. These are heavy-duty pumps designed to handle abrasive materials like paste, sludge, and slurries with 100% volumetric accuracy. Bredel hose pumps are reliable and safe to operate when processing hazardous materials.