DXP/Quadna Region

SEEPEX (a division of Ingersoll Rand)


SEEPEX has been a global pioneer in pump technology since its establishment in 1972 in Kirchhellen, Germany. The company has evolved into a leading specialist with a worldwide presence. With subsidiaries, warehouses, and branch offices spanning over 60 countries, SEEPEX’s influence extends far beyond its origins. Their expertise centers on progressive cavity pumps, macerators, and control systems. Their equipment is tailored for a wide spectrum of applications, including industries like food and beverage, environmental engineering, potable water distribution, renewable energies, pulp and paper, and oil, gas, and petrochemicals. SEEPEX excels at conveying media with varying viscosities, even those that are highly abrasive or aggressive. Their core philosophy embraces change and innovation, underpinning their role as thought leaders in the pump industry. SEEPEX’s services extend beyond manufacturing to consulting, custom solutions, and pump service. Four core principles underscore their commitment: quality, service, innovation, and responsibility.

Product Overview:

SEEPEX offers a versatile array of products, including progressive cavity pumps, macerators, and control systems. Their modular system encompasses eight product groups and 27 ranges, facilitating the creation of tailor-made pumps for any specific need. SEEPEX’s dedication to quality is reflected in the choice of superior materials for their pumps, ensuring durability and reliability. Wetted casing components, stators, and rotating parts are available in a variety of materials to handle a range of fluid applications. Their smart conveying technology (SCT) line boasts easy maintenance and extended component life. The standard pump (N) line offers flexibility and low pulsation, while the open hopper pump (T) facilitates maintenance with an adjustable design. The metering pump (D) ensures high metering accuracy and easy maintenance, and the food pump (CS) adheres to safety standards with easy maintenance and CIP compatibility. Semi-submersible pumps (E) offer self-priming capabilities, and wobble pumps (W) feature a simple design for ease of maintenance. The macerator (M) offers control and energy efficiency, and control systems (CO) provide standardized control functions. Additionally, SEEPEX offers original parts for superior performance, reliability, and longevity, along with rental and trial pumps for customers to experience their progressive cavity pumps with flexibility and without commitment.