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DXP Quadna Product Partner Feature: SEEPEX Pumps


SEEPEX is one of the world’s most recognized names in pump manufacturing. Their pumps are used across the globe in a variety of industries and applications. DXP Quadna is a longtime product partner and distributor for SEEPEX pumps. Many of our municipal clients in Arizona and industries throughout our entire Southwest and Rocky Mountain service regions use their pumps. They are commonly used in various water and wastewater treatment applications, including chemical metering, hygienic clean water processing, slurries, and submersible well pumping, as well as a myriad of industrial applications in Food & Beverage, Mining, Power, Oil & Gas and General Industries.

SEEPEX Pump Ranges

SEEPEX offers a full catalog of different pump types, available in unique sizes, configurations, and construction materials to meet your specific needs:

N Range—Standard progressive cavity pumps for materials of varying viscosities, with and without solids. SEEPEX’s most versatile range of pumps for virtually all industries.

T Range—Open hopper pumps for discharging thickened and dewatered sludges for onward processing.

D Range—Metering pumps for municipal, environmental, and mining industries that require precise dosing of chemicals or polymer solutions.

CS Range—Hygienic pumps for food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemical industries.

E Range—Semi-submersible pumps for emptying tanks, drums, sumps, caissons, and pits.

W Range—Wobble pumps with a compact block design and a rotating unit with one joint. They are designed to “wobble” for specific applications.

BF Range—Pumps designed for the transfer, production, and coating of battery compounds in automotive and electronics industries.

We use certain SEEPEX pump ranges and products most often for our municipal and industrial clients. We know these pumps are powerful, reliable, and durable. With the correct maintenance and optimized usage, SEEPEX equipment works hard for many years. Here are some of our favorite SEEPEX product lines:

SEEPEX BN Progressive Cavity Pump
This is a compact, powerful standard progressive cavity pump. It features a short design that saves precious facility space. The drive unit is flanged directly to the protective frame. It is a versatile pump, ideal for almost all industrial and municipal markets. It can pump low-viscous to viscous media, with and without solids. The SEEPEX BN pump offers a conveying capacity of 0.132–2,200 GPM (0.03–500 m3/hr). It handles pressures up to 48 BAR or 700 PSI.

SEEPEX D Range Metering Pumps
SEEPEX is a leading manufacturer of metering and dosing pumps. These motor-driven precision pumps provide a metering accuracy of +/-1 percent for water treatment and other industrial and municipal dosing applications. They are designed to offer low pulsation delivery of low to thick media. They are traditionally used to meter media with high viscosity or media containing solids. When you need a precise metering pump, SEEPEX is the name to know.

Smart Conveying Technology (SCT)
We can’t talk about SEEPEX without mentioning their innovative Smart Conveying Technology (SCT). Their pumps with this design reduce life cycle costs significantly. They feature a smart stator and rotor manufactured in two pieces. This allows for convenient pump maintenance without removing the suction or discharge pipework. This is known to provide up to an 85 percent reduction in maintenance times and vastly reduced maintenance costs throughout the life of the equipment.

To learn more about SEEPEX pumps and the ones best for your operation compared to other pump designs and manufacturers, contact DXP Quadna today. Let our team guide you to make the best pump decisions and achieve full optimization for your pump system.

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