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Case Study: Wyoming Chemical Mixing Facility

In 2022 one of our longtime clients came to DXP Quadna looking for a better chemical pump. They are a leading chemical and processing solutions company focused on the oil and gas industry. One of their chemical mixing plants in Casper, Wyoming, needed help, and the team at DXP Quadna was more than happy to provide professional support.

Chemical Corrosion Challenges

This company reached out to Quadna sales engineer Jeremy Pollock for assistance. He has been with us for more than sixteen years, so he’s extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of pump selection. The client was concerned about maintenance costs on their existing chemical pump system. Different types of chemicals were being pumped out of a blending vessel, and they needed a more reliable and durable technology.

The main problem was their mechanical seals failed too frequently. They were purchasing high-end seals with expensive materials for chemical compatibility. However, a multitude of different chemicals ran through the pump system on a regular basis. The seals simply weren’t standing up to the operating conditions. They needed to be replaced every two to three months, which cost the operator approximately $5,000 each time a new seal needed to be installed. The operation of these pumps resulted in dry run and low lubricity conditions.

Finding the Best Pump

Jeremy worked with the client to explore alternatives. They looked at different mechanical seals and material types, as well as pump designs that might work better for this application. As a chemical handling facility, they needed a leak-free pump that could withstand the different chemicals they processed and survive through periods of dry run.

Blackmer MAGNES Sealless Magnetic Drive Pump

The ultimate solution was the MAGNES sliding vane magnetic drive sealless pump from Blackmer. This is a pump with a self-priming magnetic drive system and positive displacement rotary vane design. The MAGNES has no dynamic seals. It provides leak-free performance, which was ideal for this client. No hazardous chemicals leak out of the system, and no outside contaminants infiltrate the process fluids. It also has dry run and low NPSH capabilities.

Jeremy and the team at DXP Quadna were confident the MAGNES would provide the performance characteristics this client required for their chemical mixing applications. A durable and highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel material was selected for pump construction. Our engineers also designed a custom baseplate and piping system to fit their facility and improve operational efficiency.

Measurable Improvements

The Blackmer MAGNES pump was installed in late 2022. Once it was fully dialed in, it solved all of the seal failure problems they experienced with their old pump system. There were no mechanical seals to fail, and there were no excess maintenance costs for replacement parts and repair downtime. This made the purchase price of the new pump well worth the initial investment because they have been able to save so much on the recurring mechanical seal replacement expenses. In addition, the MAGNES offered an increased flow rate. This has enabled them to move higher volumes of chemicals through the system and increase production.

The MAGNES has been in full-time service at their Casper, Wyoming, plant for more than a year now and continues to run well with minimal maintenance. The client is now considering installing more of these Blackmer sealless magnetic drive pumps in this facility.

Jeremy and the DXP Quadna engineers were happy to find this client the best chemical processing pump to meet their specific needs. This is what we do best, and it’s why a variety of industries and municipalities throughout the Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions count on us for our pump expertise. To learn more about DXP Quadna and the services we provide, contact us today.

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