DXP/Quadna Region

Roper Pump Company


Roper Pump Company is one of the oldest pump manufacturers in the world, with roots dating back to 1857. They design, manufacture, and service an impressive catalog of external gear pumps, flow dividers, progressing cavity pumps, and power sections. Roper applies more than 165 years of research, innovation, and expertise to their pump manufacturing process. Their pumps are made of the highest quality materials. They are designed for superior pump reliability and durability. Roper pumps are used in general industrial applications, as well as specialized fluid processing applications in industries such as food and beverage, oil and gas, transportation, and energy production.

Product Overview:

Roper boasts a comprehensive line of helical gear pumps available in a range of sizes and configurations to meet different process application needs. From workhorse powerhouse pumps to highly specialized high-pressure and severe-duty pumps, Roper offers helical gear pumps to suit any requirements. They have 18 different lines of gear pumps, ranging from the A Series to the Z Series, with many incredible options in between. Roper also offers the XERIC and Models 70200–70700 progressing cavity pumps. They started producing progressing cavity pumps in 1972 to solve difficult conveying challenges faced in food production, chemical processing, pulp and paper, environmental technology, and petroleum production. Last but not least, Roper manufactures five series of flow dividers critical to multi-chamber combustion systems. Roper flow dividers deliver precise, uniform flow for liquid fuel distribution.