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Milton Roy (a division of Ingersoll Rand)


The history of Milton Roy traces back to humble beginnings in 1936 when Milton Roy Sheen and his son Robert T. Sheen partnered. The first of their controlled volume pumps was designed to address a chemical feed requirement Robert discovered. The sheer success of these pumps in various chemical applications led the Sheens to fully commit to this fast-growing venture. Over the years, Milton Roy has undergone significant evolution and expansion. By 1964, the company had expanded into the biomedical sector, playing a pivotal role in the development of the first artificial kidney machine and achieving remarkable milestones in various medical breakthroughs. Today Milton Roy remains dedicated to innovation and unwavering commitment to quality—values that continue to propel the company forward.

Product Overview:

Milton Roy’s product portfolio is characterized by their world-leading position as the largest manufacturer of controlled volume (metering) pumps, setting a gold standard for performance, precision, and durability. Their expertise extends to a comprehensive range of fluid-handling equipment, including pulsation dampeners, streaming current detectors, tanks, and chemical feed systems. Their metering pumps, renowned for high accuracy and adaptability, are ideal for applications necessitating low flow rates, high system pressure, computer-controlled dosing, and the handling of diverse fluids from corrosive chemicals to viscous slurries. Furthermore, the company’s innovative SOLAROY solar-powered chemical injection pumps are designed for dependable, remote operations. Milton Roy’s product line also features a versatile array of pump series, including mROY, PRIMEROYAL, MAXROY, MACROY, and CENTRAC pumps. Their commitment to quality and reliability extends to mixing solutions, streaming current technology, and a range of accessories to facilitate even the most demanding chemical dosing applications.