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Goulds Water Technology (a division of Xylem)


Goulds Water Technology is a division of Xylem. This is a company focused on providing advanced water management solutions. Goulds is a leading producer of pumps and other products focused on solving key water storage, treatment and processing challenges. Their equipment is utilized in municipal and industrial applications for clean water and wastewater. They understand water is our world’s most precious resource, and they are dedicated to manufacturing the best equipment and packaged solutions.

Product Overview:

Goulds Water Technology features an impressive collection of water pumps, tanks, boosters, monitoring and control technology, and pump motors. They offer centrifugal pumps, jet pumps, submersible well pumps, turbine pumps, and wastewater drainage pumps. Their products are engineered for durable quality and reliable performance. Goulds also designs and engineers complete packaged system solutions to meet your operating requirements. Their powerful systems can be customized to your specifications and built to meet your unique water management needs.