DXP/Quadna Region



Flexaseal, a renowned global leader in mechanical seals and sealing accessories, has earned its reputation for excellence in the industrial, municipal, and commercial sectors. Partnering with DXP Quadna, Flexaseal’s comprehensive range of engineered sealing products is poised to address various sealing requirements. Flexaseal has roots dating back to 1983 and has evolved into a multinational enterprise with manufacturing facilities in over 30 countries. They offer a comprehensive catalog of mechanical seals designed for compressors, mixers, pumps, and various rotating equipment across industries such as pulp and paper, wastewater, pharmaceutical, mining, marine, chemical, power, and food.

Product Overview: 

Flexaseal provides an extensive array of mechanical seals to meet diverse industry needs. They manufacture split cartridge seals, single cartridge seals, welded metal bellows, dual cartridge seals, OEM replacement seals, heavy duty slurry seals, engineered component seals, mixer/agitator seals, and gas seals. These sealing solutions are designed to optimize equipment performance. In addition to their mechanical seals, Flexaseal offers essential accessories to enhance operational efficiency. Their flowmeters, such as the FAS Single (ESF) and Dual Flow (EDF), ensure controlled and uninterrupted seal water flow for cooling and lubrication. The ANSI LITE barrier fluid reservoir system provides a superior lubricating fluid source for liquid-lubricated dual mechanical seals, extending their operational life. The patented Pack-Ryt design efficiently addresses radial shaft movement and reduces excessive water flush consumption in process plants. Flex-A-Flo regulates flow, conserving water in double seal applications while maintaining an optimal seal chamber environment. Flexaseal’s dedication to quality, technological advancement, and state-of-the-art facilities is evident in their commitment to delivering high-quality sealing solutions for a range of applications.