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With a rich history dating back to 1903, Blackmer has firmly established itself as the global leader in cutting-edge sliding vane pumps and reciprocating compressor technologies. Their pumps are designed for the transfer of both liquids and gases. The Blackmer brand has become synonymous with exceptional product performance, unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and a dedication to innovation. Their comprehensive range of pumps and compressors serves diverse industries, including process, energy, transportation, military, marine, chemical processing, soaps and detergents, paint and coatings, liquid terminal, oil and gas, biodiesel, refined fuels, liquefied gases, and diesel exhaust fluid markets. Blackmer ensures each pump and compressor they produce is backed by extensive support through a global network of distributors and equipment manufacturers.

Product Overview:

Blackmer offers an impressive array of pumps and compressors designed to cater to the needs of a wide spectrum of industrial sectors. Their sliding vane pumps feature a unique design that optimizes fluid flow, making them efficient and versatile for various applications. Blackmer’s sliding vane hand pumps are ideal for safe and efficient liquid transfer in construction, industrial, and agricultural settings, offering steady and non-pulsating flow. Additionally, Blackmer’s System One centrifugal pumps provide efficient single-stage pumping solutions, while their regenerative turbine pumps offer high-pressure transfer in autogas applications. For gas compression, Blackmer’s reciprocating gas compressors are designed for maximum performance and reliability, particularly in oil and gas vapor recovery units. The S Series screw pumps feature double-ended, self-priming, positive-displacement technology, while twin screw pumps handle lubricating fluids with ease. Triple screw pumps, part of the S Series, are efficient rotary pumps suitable for demanding applications. Blackmer also offers engineered package solutions, allowing for customized solutions to meet specific needs. Furthermore, a range of product accessories complement their main products, enhancing overall operational performance. With Blackmer’s commitment to quality and adaptability, they continue to be a trusted choice for industries worldwide.