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BJM Pumps (a division of industrial Flow Solutions)


BJM Pumps is a division of Industrial Flow Solutions (IFS). They are based out of New Haven, CT. All of their pumps and products are designed and manufactured in the USA. BJM specializes in wastewater pumps and controls. They provide equipment design, sales, and service for municipal, industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential applications. BJM Pumps are utilized in many different industries, including construction, food and beverage, municipal water and wastewater, pharmaceuticals, mining and minerals, medical, and power generation.

Product Overview:

BJM Pumps represent the shredder solids-handling pumps within the IFS family. They are designed specifically for harsh operating environments. Their pumps are durable and cost-effective, designed to meet the most challenging pumping demands. BJM Pump lines include explosion-proof pumps, shredder pumps, and corrosion-resistant pumps. BJM Pumps work seamlessly with other IFS product lines. They offer control and monitoring systems, deragging technology, direct in-line pump systems, and more. Contact DXP Quadna to learn more about BJM Pumps and IFS technology that will help you optimize your pump system.